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Since 2004, MatchingDonors.com has helped thousands of people get their life-saving transplants.

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Our program never turns away someone needing an organ transplant. As long as the patient is accepted into a transplant center, they can get a transplant through MatchingDonors.com.

 How The Fund Helps Organ Donors

The Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund helps people who are considering being a living organ donor with the non-medical expenses associated with the process including travel expenses to and from testing and surgery, lost wages and dependent care expenses.

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You can get to The Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund and MatchingDonors.com from any computer, display, mobile web, or app. We accept them all.

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We have more altruistic registered donors than any place in the United States. Many people get their transplants within less than six months of being on MatchingDonors.com.