Join A Movement

Our volunteers are essential to our many local and national events, fundraisers and social events. Rally your friends and contacts and meet others who share your vision of helping others less fortunate receive the gift of life.

 Create A Healthier World

Our volunteers can also help educate patients and living donors on organ donation. Also, they will help our team get lifesaving organ transplants quickly for those who are less fortunate and address organ transplant availability and healthcare disparities caused by race, ethnicity, geography, and economic status. Professional volunteers put their expertise to work for people, advancing kidney disease diagnosis and treatment.

 Spread The Word

It takes a community of passionate families, patients, professionals and friends to keep our mission moving forward. We rely on volunteers to raise critical funds, open doors and be our kidney health ambassadors on social media. You can also promote The Tom Martinez Goal Line Fund by using our professionally produced Public Service Announcements found at . Also, we have portfolio of other high-performing creative assets and advertisements to help you promote as well as support to create materials you request.

 Create Effective Change

Many of our volunteer advocates use their compelling personal experiences of living daily with kidney disease, being a patient that has received an organ transplant, or a living donor that has donated an organ. Volunteers - There are many different ways you can help.